two trains leave the station at the same time

from by Jumamosi Popenoe

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it'd be easier to cut open my chest and pull out it's contents than tell you how i feel
what i mean is, broken morphemes are all that comes easily to me
t brings me great distress that lately i’ve been struggling to find rest
and the development of all my projects has been arrested
is this a test? From a god that i don’t even believe in?
to see if i’m fit to raise a child i don’t wanna conceive?
i think back to when things were at ease and I could sit and watch clouds as we lay in the leaves
but i got off track and ran out of time to unwind
my life has turned away from sweet peach to sour lime

high school is hard and i feel sad sometimes
i’m tired in mornings and late at night

i got too dumb to be from intelligent design
like when i freeze onstage and forget all my lines
damn mom, i don’t wanna go to school today
i just wanna stay home and play guitar from when i wake up till 3, then sit back relax & write poetry
if dreams really do come true, then why am i sitting across rooms not talking to you?
why am i barely getting views on Youtube?
it’s untrue what they’ve been saying about me
but i’m not responsible to tell the constable that i’m an innocent g
just boogie to the beat like 1, 2, 3, you hear me?
i’m not actually hearing this. i’m not even here for this
this ain’t what i came for. i wanna learn, not stay up until 4
soon it’ll all come to an end and—hopefully—they’ll someday free my friend
but will i miss the people and the time that we spend?
or shall we just laugh it off like we were playing pretend?
right now is everything and nothing at once.
you’d be a dunce not to realize that between us there’s something

it’s awkwardness… that i run from. it’s priests, cops, feelings, and your conservative mum.
the only thing truly terrifying is myself, so i close off like dusty books on stack shelves.

high school is hard and i feel sad sometimes.
i’m tired in mornings and late at night.


from what remains, released June 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Jumamosi Popenoe Cincinnati, Ohio

I can't actually dance the waltz.

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